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Structural stabilization and ionic conductivity of bismuth niobium oxide films with fluorite-like structure

You can downloaded for free the following 50 days:,3psrzqDv

Evaluation of the photocatalytic activity of copper doped TiO2 nanoparticles for the purification and/or disinfection of industrial effluents, 

G Pedroza-Herrera, IE Medina-Ramírez, JA Lozano-Álvarez, SE Rodil

Catalysis Today 341, 37-48, 2020

Dependence of the photoactivity of CdS prepared in butanol-ethylenediamine mixture in function of different sacrificial electron donors,

A Hernández-Gordillo, AB Ramos, P Acevedo-Peña, P Jagdale, …

Catalysis Today 341, 59-70, 2020

Antibacterial composite membranes of PCL/gelatin loaded with ZnO nanoparticles for guided tissue regeneration,   

G Prado-Prone, P Silva-Bermudez, M Bazzar, ML Focarete, SE Rodil, …

Biomedical Materials 2020

Synthesis of CeO2/Co3O4 catalyst with a remarkable performance for soot oxidation reaction,

JC Medina, SE RODIL, R Zanella

Catalysis Science & Technology 2020

Nanostructured biomaterials with antimicrobial activity for tissue engineering

A Almaguer-Flores, P Silva-Bermúdez, SE Rodil
Nanostructured Biomaterials for Regenerative Medicine, 81-137, 2020


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