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1. Preliminary Tribological Study and Tool Life of Four Commercial Drills
M Figueroa, E García, S Muhl, S Rodil
Tribology Transactions 57 (4), 581-588

2. Nano sized bismuth oxy chloride by metal organic chemical vapour deposition
P Jagdale, M Castellino, F Marrec, SE Rodil, A Tagliaferro
Applied Surface Science 303, 250-254

3. TaSiN nanocomposite thin films: Correlation between structure, chemical composition, and physical properties
G Ramírez, D Oezer, M Rivera, SE Rodil, R Sanjinés
Thin Solid Films 558, 104-111

4. Structural, chemical, optical and mechanical properties of Au doped AlN sputtered coatings
NM Figueiredo, F Vaz, L Cunha, SE Rodil, A Cavaleiro
Surface and Coatings Technology

5. Optimal conditions for the deposition of novel anticorrosive coatings by RF magnetron sputtering for aluminum alloy AA6082
SB Brachetti-Sibaja, MA Domínguez-Crespo, SE Rodil, AM Torres-Huerta
Journal of Alloys and Compounds

6. Stabilization of the delta-phase in Bi 2 O 3 thin films
CL Gomez, O Depablos-Rivera, JC Medina, P Silva-Bermudez, S Muhl, …
Solid State Ionics 255, 147-152

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