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Mechanical properties and microstructural stability of CuTa/Cu composite coatings

A Bahrami, CFO Carrasco, AD Cardona, T Huminiuc, T Polcar, SE Rodil
Surface and Coatings Technology 364, 22-31, 2019

Synthesis of Bi2SiO5 thin films by confocal dual magnetron sputtering-annealing route

O Depablos-Rivera, H Bouyanfif, A Zeinert, F Le Marrec, SE Rodil
Thin Solid Films 2019

Good practices for reporting the photocatalytic evaluation of a visible-light active semiconductor: Bi 2 O 3, a case study

Agileo Hernández-Gordillo, Monserrat Bizarro, Tanveer A Gadhi, Ana Martínez, Alberto Tagliaferro, Sandra E Rodil
Catalysis Science & Technology 9 (6), 1476-1496, 2019

Structure, mechanical properties and corrosion resistance of amorphous Ti-Cr-O coatings

A Bahrami, A Delgado, C Onofre, S Muhl, SE Rodil
Surface and Coatings Technology 374, 690-699, 2019


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