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6. PhD Students



Benjamín Millan Ramos




Karen Valencia


Osmary Depablos Rivera

Materials Science and Engineering, UNAM

Optoelectronic properties of  Bi-Nb-O thin films

Graduated 27/07/2017


Roberto Mirabal Rojas

Materials Science and Engineering, UNAM

Mechanical Properties of quaternary materials as thin films.

Graduated 28/07/2017


Juan Carlos Medina Álvarez

Materials Science and Engineering, UNAM

Photocatalytical Properties of Bismuth Oxide films.


Knowledge and experience in materials science, chemistry, and chemical engineering in general and photocatalysis systems in particular. During and after my M.Sc. research, I have been working in some international research projects (BISNANO and PHOCSCLEEN) dealing with thin films for photocatalytic applications. During my research stay in Politecnico di Torino (Italy), I have learned some photoelectrochemical techniques to study the photocatalytic activity of some materials such as Bi2O3 and TiO2.

My areas of interest are: thin films deposition, photoelectrochemical tests, water remediation, hydrogen production, optical properties and surface characterization. I am seeking new and challenging opportunities for using my knowledge and experience for the benefit of the society.

In my free time I like to take some landscape photographs but my real passion is the running, I have done four half marathons and the next step is the complete marathon. Moreover, my goal in the future is to do the Ironman.


Graduated 03/08/2017


Johan Restrepo

Materials Science and Engineering, UNAM

Graduated 2017

Julio Cesar Cruz Cárdenas

Materials Science and Engineering, UNAM

Sputtering Yield Amplification during teh growth of metallic and Bi-metallic thin films


Cecilia Barrera Ortega

Health and Odontological Sciences, UNAM

Influence of the physicochemical properties of three types of Biomaterials on the in-vitro Cell Differentation of Human Gingival Cells

CV Cecilia Carlota Barrera Ortega

Graduated May 2017


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